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 I have helped thousands of people around the world realize their dream of working from home and creating residual income through the essential home and business services. By utilizing a Relationship Marketing approach, we acquire service customers and build teams of people who do the same. I teach ordinary individuals how to create wealth through residual income by becoming an entrepreneur and owning their own business. My passion is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals and live their life on their terms. Regardless of what is happening in the economy, there is opportunity everywhere. I have the privilege of helping people create leverage and buy back their time.
Larry Wallace
About My Services Valet
We take the hassle out of setting up your essential services by negotiating GREAT deals on YOUR behalf with the top brands you already trust.  Plus, when you become our customer, we feed a child in need. And every time you pay a bill, month after month, we feed another child in need.  It's that simple. For more information visit:
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